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Old Radio



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Low poly vintage old  radio 3d model. Game ready ass with SpecGloss PBR textures. Ideal game prop for scenes and games (Cryengine game engine).

This is a low polygon game ready old radio 3d model for scenes, game engines (Cryengine textures).

Model is super low poly. Modeled and textured from photo. Based on real life Unitra Electra radio Monika radio device that was manufactured in 70’s in Poland (Poland under Eastern Bloc and soviet influence). I think this particular ‘broadcaster receiver’ was made in Unitra Rzeszow (if anyone cares what I write here :))

Perfect 3d asset for games and scenes using soviet like theme.

Textures – baked 1k resolution, SpecGlossNormalwithSmoothness for Cryengine included, additionally roughness (for Blender3D). SpecGloss workflow, so no metallic. Modelled and textures in Blender.

For Cryengine Textures can be recompiled in Cryengine (Resource compiler) to lower quality especially for normal even to smaller 512k textures as it’s simple game prop.

This vintage old radio player is made from plastic, metal (steel, aluminium), glass and wood materials.  As per appearance you can tell the radio is old, with signs of heavy usage. It has weathered edges, front glass is scratched. All is dirty. The radio asset is perfect for abandoned old buildings, rooms or soviet themes level design propping.

Old Radio 3D Model Features

  • Low poly game ready model
  • 1k Resolution Textures, Specular Glossiness workflow (Gloss merged in Normals Alpha channeld
  • Cryengine .CGF compiled file with material and texture included (can be importex using FBX importer too, i.e. if you wish to add a proxy to the mesh).
  • Interchange formats of the model included  – Autodesk FBX and Wavefront Obj files included for importing to other 3D software

Game prop topology

See wireframe for topology previews, here are mesh statistics:

  • Faces 444
  • Tris 822
  • Verts 457


Modelled and painted in Blender 3D. Rendered in EEVEE Specular material.

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