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Low poly old table desk 3d model, game ready asset with Specular Gloss workflow textures sets. Painted blue (and green) wooden vintage table, console table or desk – you decide.

Low poly old table 3d model – this is a realistic high quality game asset. Of course you can use it as side table, console table or old desk. Perfect for game development, 3D scenes, VFX, film and other CGI projects. Specular Glossiness textures optimized for Cryengine (Diffuse, Specular, Normal with Smoothness in the alpha channel). Can be used in general 3D projects (i.e. Maya, Max or Blender). Quick previews rendered in Blender EEVEE with Specular shader.

About the old table 3D model

The look. Well, as mentioned earlier – it’s old with heavy weathered edges. Visible wood fiber and 2 layers of blue paint with slightly different shade suggest that this piece of furniture has some history, perhaps it was repainted. The drawer is separate object and uses another texture so can be removed if needed or used as an extra clutter prop somewhere. Perfect for old looking level design, game scenes where old furniture are needed. Would work well in middle ages or Renaissance or Victorian era.

Statistics and game asset info

  • Topology 682 tris / 457 verts (see wireframe preview)
  • 2 color variations (blue, green)
  • Texture formats: .tif
  • Blue version SpecGloss PBR textures (smoothness in normal map alpha)
  • Green version SpecGloss PBR textures (smoothness in normal map alpha)
  • Not overlapping UVs
  • See previews for textures and topology

Green low poly table 3d model is available  only here on 3D Babylon Marketplace as a latest addition. Not a big thing, but hey, some variation for the game prop at least.
More assets of similar look to come. Modeled in Blender 3D, textured in Substance Painter. Optimized for Cryengine game engine.


Download content

This old table desk 3d model is free to download with 2 color variations (textures set):

  • 2k blue table desk textures
  • 1k textures for the green table
  • Separate object desk drawer (can be removed) – separate material
  • Autodesk FBX – interchange model which allows to transfer to various DCCs tools and real time rendering applications
  • PBR Specular Textures maps pack (DiffuseNormalwithGlossinessSpecular) archive
  • Cryengine CGF not compiled, so you import it via FBX importer and set up (perhaps I will upload some furniture pack in similar manner for CE with compiled assets so it will be available to purchase).
  • Medieval floor textures not included (used for previews only)

Model is also available as a part of the bigger set of old vintage furniture 3d models pack with game assets for Cryengine with other few assets matching in style. All models come in 2 colour variations – blue and green.

Old Vintage Furniture 3D Models Pack Front Preview

Let me know if you have any question (Questions and answer tab through model details page) or via Quick Info form on my Store page here: https://3dbabylon.com/creator/vracolac/

Extraneous Stuff

I got inspiration to create this by playing one of the Assasins Creed games by Ubisoft. I think it was Assasin’s Creed Unity if I’m not mistaken. Anyway, I though I will try whether I can achieve similar level of details in the quickest possible time. Thus giving away this model for free.  Model can be also previewed on Sketchfab (only blue textures there). You can follow me here on my store page https://3dbabylon.com/creator/vracolac/ (collaborate project with more models coming up) and there too. and it’s been downloaded there more than 3 300 times which is awesome.

Preview from Blender EEVEE (Specular shader).

For those of you who asked about Unreal or Unity MetalGloss workflow. Textures can be converted for MetallicRoughness (extract Gloss and invert) if you need to. Let me know if you used my assets somewhere. Metallic would be fully black anyway.

Additional information

File formats


Game Engine

Tools used

Blender 3D, Substance Painter

Game Engine Compatibility

Cryengine 3D Models


3D Generalist – Indie Game Dev.

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File format: fbx, zip,

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