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A vintage, traditional wooden cupboard 3d model low poly game ready.

This is a low poly 3d cupboard, vintage, traditional cabinet, painted in green, made of wood. A piece of furniture suitable for game environment, mostly background or as a filler game prop. It comes with PBR SpecGloss textures in 1K resolution.  Modelled and textured while ago for the game I’m working on. No proxies in FBS but simple basic meshes can be added quickly in any DCC of your choice. The 3D cupboard comes in FBX and with texture maps 1k in .tiff format.

  • Obviously it’s UV unwrapped with non-overlapping UVs.
  • Polycount: around 813 polys/1,638 tris.
  • Modelled to real life dimensions
  • 2 color variations of the cupboard: painted wood (green, faded) and natural old wood.
  • 3 separate models using same material, optimized for video games use: cupboard (cabinet) with shelf connected, bottom cupboard, top shelving
  • LODs: no
  • Textures included: yes, 1k resolutions
  • UV Maps: yes, non-overlapping

PBR Textures maps:

  • _diff (Diffuse)
  • _ddna (NormalwithSmoothness)
  • _spec (Specular)

Can be used in any 3D software that supports FBX interchange format and Specula Gloss workflow, although initially textured for real life rendering (Cryengine game engine) thus textures.
Quick preview snapshots rendered in Blender EEVEE using Specular BSDF.

You may want to attach the textures to the correct slots by yourself on some ocassions.

Additional information

Game Engine

Tools used

Blender 3D, Substance Painter

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3D Generalist – Indie Game Dev.

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File format: fbx, fbx, fbx, zip, zip,

  • Cupboard with Top Shelf Model A FBX  -  56.96 KB
  • Bottom Part of the Cupboard B FBX  -  32.67 KB
  • Wooden Hanging Shelf FBX C  -  34.59 KB
  • Textures v1  -  2.81 MB
  • Textures v2  -  3.07 MB