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Old Vintage Furniture 3D Models (Tables Drawers)

3D Model by varcolacus-3d-artist-creating-game-assetsvarcolacusin Furniture



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Low polygon old vintage furniture game assets set with textures for Specular workflow. 2 materials set.  Wooden tables with old peeling off paint in 2 colors. Tables and drawer can use same material (blue or green).

Old Vintage Furniture 3D Models

This 3d low poly furniture game ready assets pack includes 6 old vintage style furniture 3d models – tables and drawer chest:

  • table / desk,
  • small console – side table,
  • bedside table,
  • small corner table
  • old vintage drawers chest
  • drawer chest
  • separate drawer (seperate 3d model for animation)

See preview photos (single assets) and preview of assets in Cryengine in standard lighting.

These are low poly objects and use can use 1 set of material. You can download free low poly old table 3d model here which is a part of this set too but optimized for Cryengine.

Low Poly Old Vintage Furniture 3D Models - Game assets for Cryengine collection preview


The furniture assets pack includes 2 materials sets:

  • green
  • blue

that can be assigned to 3d models to create more variations in your game level. Once imported to game engine you can simply drag and drop material onto the asset for variations (from asset browser).

Textures for Cryengine

Specular glossiness workflow textures included optimized for Cryengine use. Blue variations textures – 2k resolution. Green variation texture set in 1k resolution.

  • _diff (Albedo)
  • _ddna (NormalSmoothness)
  • _spec (Specular)

UV mapped: Yes

UV overllaping: Yes

Other notes

Models can be used in any 3d software that accept FBX file. These are game ready assets, low poly, with simple proxies. They share same textures set for improved performance and reducing draw calls.

Import to Cryengine – FBX Static Mesh Importer or Drag & Drop via Asset Browser. You may need to double click on materials and set them up.

Compiled CGF files included with materials set up so you can unzip the folder and copy them to your project assets objects folder (folder).


Previews rendered in Blender 3D – EEVEE. Assets were tested in Cryengine, have correct pivots (simplified for snapping). CGF (Cryengine definition file included). See Cryengine preview (white checkerbox  & brown background) in default lighting.

Also check out this old furniture table 3d model free download – old low poly table.

Additional information

File formats


Game Engine

Tools used

Blender 3D, Substance Painter

Game Engine Compatibility

Cryengine 3D Models


3D Generalist – Indie Game Dev.

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File format: fbx, fbx, fbx, fbx, fbx, fbx, fbx, zip,

  • 01 Old Wooden Table (FBX)  -  35.98 KB
  • Old Table 01 Drawer (FBX)  -  38.23 KB
  • 02 Small Console Table (FBX)  -  40.15 KB
  • 03 Bedsite Table FBX  -  49.42 KB
  • 04 Small Corner Table FBX  -  35.15 KB
  • 05 Small Drawer Chest FBX  -  69.14 KB
  • 06 Drawer Chest  -  90.36 KB
  • Drawers and Tables Textures Set  -  15.47 MB