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Playground Environment Pack

3D Model by 3DBabylon in Playground



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A playground 3D models pack for games. Build great realistic playground environment in your game level or 3D project.

Playground 3D Models

This is a set of 3d playground model – game asset environment pack. Modelled to real life dimensions. The set includes following 9 game ready low poly assets to build your 3D environment. What playground equipment 3d models are included? Here is a list of assets:

  • seesaw / teeter totter
  • 2 swing assets (2 meshes, 1 with broken seat)
  • round climbing monkey bars (you can download the climbers here for free)
  • roundabout Merry Go Round 3D model (share texture with round climbers)
  • old soviet barrier fence asset – 2 models (2 meshes) using 1 material, 4 texture sets; in total 8 color variations
  • an abandoned, broken and rusty  playgorund merry go round (newly added)
  • old style roundabout (colorful) – newly added
  • playground sandpit (2 texture variations)

How can you use the assets?

These are low poly game ready 3D models with PBR textures so the main usage would be the game environment. Ready to be imported to Cryengine game engine or to be used with other 3D software supporting FBX interchange format and Specular Glossiness PBR textures.

How to download these 3D models?

We provide them in the FBX format and can downloaded separately through your downloads dashboard after you log into your account.

2K PBR Specular Glossiness texture sets. Models are UV unwrapped (non-overlapping textures), were modelled in Blender and textured in Substance Painter.

If you have any questions or need anything else please drop me an email at

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Blender 3D, Substance Painter

Game Engine Compatibility

Cryengine 3D Models


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File format: fbx, fbx, fbx, zip, zip, fbx, fbx, zip, fbx, zip, zip, fbx, zip, blend,

  • Metal Barrier Fence 01_a FBX  -  44.09 KB
  • Metal Fence 01_b FBX  -  44.79 KB
  • Playground Climbing Bars Round Tall FBX Model  -  168.57 KB
  • Playground Climbing Bars Textures (Specular Cryengine)  -  17.71 MB
  • Textures Swing Bars  -  17.71 MB
  • Swing 01_a FBX Model  -  169.84 KB
  • Swing 01_b FBX (Old Broken Rusty) Model  -  165.15 KB
  • Swing Textures  -  17.71 MB
  • Playground Carousel Roundabout Merry Go Round FBX Model  -  339.25 KB
  • Playground Roundabout Textures (Specular Cryengine)  -  19.46 MB
  • Playground Roundabout Textures Specular  -  20.24 MB
  • Sandbox 3D Asset FBX  -  66.67 KB
  • Sandbox Textures  -  61.27 MB
  • Playground Sandpit .blend  -  71.06 MB