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An old industrial welder 3d model game ready low poly for VR, 3D projects, video games in FBX with PBR Spec Gloss textures.

About the Welder 3D Model

This is a low polygon model (with LODs) 3D welding tool game ready asset suitable for live rendering. The model comes in FBX interchange format and PBR Specular Glossiness workflow 2K resolution textures.

This welder machine game prop will suit any video game level, workshop setting or industrial environment. Level of Details (LODs) included alongside with a simple proxy mesh. FBX allows to quickly import it to the digital content creation tool of your choice, i.e. Blender, Maya, Max, Modo, etc. The major purpose of this 3D welding machine though was a game asset specifically created to be compatible with Cryengine 5. Baked from high poly to low poly.

This 3D MIG welder has some history. Despite modern design it shows definitive signs of heavy industrial usage. The wear and tear on the edges of the machine, the dust make collected on top and some dirt collected from the bottom. All these little imperfections and detail make it a little bit more believable thus a perfect game prop for your industrial / workshop environment or other 3D project. Naturally there is always room for improvement but I guess it’s a pretty decent weld machine model. It’s made of metal and plastic materials. Painted red, with black and front plastic panels, cables lying on the ground and on top of the welder.


What’s included:

  • 1 Static mesh – A low poly welder model
  • Standard PBR SpecGloss Textures (see info below)
  • Cryengine ready PBR SpecGloss Textures (see info below)

Other info

  • UV Maps: Yes, non overlapping
  • LODs: Yes – main mesh and LOD1
  • Proxy: Yes, simple
  • Polycount: LOD0 – 4,076 polygons / Tris – 6,985 (see LOD0 preview – main mesh wireframe)
  • Copyright free (can be easily used in games as the brand is fictional).

Texture Maps

PBR SpecGloss texture maps in 2K resolutions included. Downloads includes textures as follows.

PBR Cryengine SpecGloss textures

Provided in .TIFF formats with the correct naming conventions allowing quick import (drag & drop) and quick game asset setup with Cryengine Asset Browser and material editor

  • _diff – Diffuse (Albedo)
  • _spec – Specular
  • _ddna – (NormalWithGlossiness)
  • _emit – a bonus emissive texture for an extra touch (Emissive contains color information)

PBR Specular Gloss

Again 2K .tiff textures available within the downloadable pack for your 3D welder 3D model

  • Albedo
  • Glossiness
  • Specular
  • Normal
  • Emissive

An Additional Asset Info

The 3D welding machine was modelled in Blender 3D, textured in Blender and GIMP. Textures: DirectX therefore for use with Blender please invert the green channel of your map.
Previews rendered in Blender (please keep in mind compression and lower resolution).

Additional information

File formats

Blender 3D (blend), FBX, TIFF

Game Engine


Tools used

Blender 3D, Gimp

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