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A Small Low Poly Electric Sterilizer, it is used for sterilizing test tubes by placing them in the chamber. The Sterilizer is a game-ready asset made for the SpecularGlossiness PBR workflow. Its low poly (3,800 tris) and the textures are 2k resolution.

Science lab sterilizer 3D model is a another game asset I made to compliment my laboratory equipment models – Test Tube pack 3D models here. The Electric Sterilizer can be used as a prop asset for any game project (or non-game) since it is low poly and optimised but at the same time of high quality, with baked 2k textures from a high poly mesh to a low poly mesh. As I mentioned previously the mesh is 3,800 tris or 1,900 faces. There are two sets of textures available: one for a standard PBR Specular Glossiness workflow, and another version made for the Cryengine in mind.

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File format: zip, zip, fbx,

  • Electric Sterilizer PBR Cryengine SpecGloss TEX  -  2.71 MB
  • Electric Sterilizer PBR SpecGloss TEX  -  2.78 MB
  • Electric_Sterlizer-poz1aw.fbx  -  125.15 KB