Old Playground Swing

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An old children playground swing 3D model game ready low poly game asset. FBX interchange format with set of PBR Specular workflow textures set.

This is a part of a playground environment, equipment – a low poly swing 3D model. FBX interchange format and 2K resolution texture set in .tiff format are included. Model is UV unwrapped with non-overlapping UV.

Old Swing 3D Model

Level of Details: Yes, main mesh + LOD0 (1 material)

Proxy: YEs, simple proxy (1material)

Optimized and game ready for Cryengine game engine. Can be used in other projects such as VR, AR, visualizations, 3D art, renders, live rendering scenes. Includes textures for PBR SpecularGlossiness workflow as well as Cryengine PBR with correctly prepared maps ready for importing to the game engine.

Materials and Textures

An old swing game asset comes with PBR textures in 2K for CE:

  • _diff.tif (Diffuse)
  • _ddna (NormalWithSmoothness)
  • _spec (Specular)

and for PBR SpecGloss:

  • Diffuse
  • Normal
  • Glossiness
  • Specular

2 materials used, textured set with another asset in our marketplace (climbing monkey bars).
1 material – textures, unique (for main mesh and LOD)
1 material – proxy (for proxy)


It’s a rusty metal swing popular in old style playground (70s and 80s) typical for Eastern Europe and soviets ( soviet block countries). Made of metal (steel), often painted in vivid colors was present in almost every playground between blocks of flats, in parks or preschool playgrounds. This particular 3D swing was modelled to achieve some old, nostalgic effect, yet to keep it quite believable and realistic. Sitting is made of  bent metal bars and wooden plywood, wood planks. Scratches, discoloration and heavy usage of the sit are clearly visible.

It’s a low poly model with LODs (LOD1, Proxy) so it’s suitable for games.

Usage ideas

  • Children playground
  • Post apocalyptic or abandoned environment
  • Old school, pre-school, kindergarten playground
  • Horror, spooky and old environment, both scenes, game art, renders, visualizations etc.

Additional information

File formats


Game Engine

Tools used

Blender 3D, Substance Painter

Game Engine Compatibility

Cryengine 3D Models


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File format: fbx, fbx, zip,

  • Playground Swing 01_a Autodesk FBX Interchange Format  -  169.84 KB
  • Swing 01_b Autodesk FBX Interchange Format  -  165.15 KB
  • Swing 2K Textures SpecGloss Cryengine  -  17.71 MB