Playground Roundabout / Carousel / Merry-go-round

3D Model by 3DBabylon in Architectural



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A low poly playground carousel, merry-go-round 3D model.

Low Poly Roundabout 3D Model

And old, worn out, abandoned carousel, merry-go-round 3D model for abandoned playground, apocalyptic, eerie looking game level. This roundabout or ‘merry-go-round’ low poly game ready asset. Includes FBX interchange format for importing to the game engine or between any DCC tool and texture maps in Specular Glossiness workflow (including Cryengine SpecGloss).

  • UV mapped: yes, non-overlapping
  • LODs: Yes. LOD0, LOD1, LOD2
  • Proxy: Yes, simple proxy mesh included
  • Rigged: No
  • File Formats: FBX interchange format for importing to DCCs and game engines

Merry-go-round Textures

This 3D merry-go-round / roundabout spinning playground asset includes textures set for both standard SpecularGloss workflows as well as textures for Cryengine texture maps in 2K resolutions and .tiff formats

Spec Gloss texture maps

  • Diffuse
  • Specular
  • Glossiness
  • Normal
  • Height

3D roundabout model textures for Cryengine

  • _diff (Diffuse)
  • _ddna (NormalWithSmoothness)
  • _spec (Specular)

Game Asset

This is a low poly 3D merry-go-round model therefore it is suitable for real-time rendering applications, games, VR/AR etc. Perfect asset for abandoned holiday resort, town, playground scene or game level. The model has LODs and correct structure and it’s ready for importing to Cryengine or other applications. It is an old Merry Go Round, rather typical for Eastern European style or soviet like low poly game asset.

Previews rendered in Blender 3D EEVEE renderer.


Additional information

File formats


Game Engine

Tools used

Blender 3D, Substance Painter

Game Engine Compatibility

Cryengine 3D Models


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File format: fbx, zip, zip,

  • Playground Roundabout FBX for Cryengine  -  339.25 KB
  • Carousel Textures Cryengine  -  19.46 MB
  • 3D Playground Roundabout SpecularGloss  -  20.24 MB