Gas Cylinder

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A realistic looking gas cylinder 3D model low poly game ready asset. The gas bottle comes in FBX format with 2K PBR SpeculaGlossiness textures.

Gas Cylinder 3D Model

This is a low polygon game ready 3D gas cylinder, bottle or container whatever you want to call it.  Filled with the propane, butane or other flammable gas for your industrial, domestic game development needs.

  • The asset is UV unwrapped, with non overlapping UVs
  • FBX Interchange Format ready to be imported to game engine or DCC tool (3D modelling software)
  • Modelled to real life scale (smaller cylinder).
  • Available in many colours for extra options for the game level to avoid repetition.
  • The polycount of the mesh is low: 872 polys / 1,688 triangles (see wireframe thumbnail)
  • Textures in 2K resolution in tiff format PBR Specular Glossiness workflow and Cryengine optimized PBR SpecGloss workflow.
  • Comes in different colors: yellow, green, teal, blue, yellow, red and in different levels of wear and tear: new with subtle dust, slightly used gas bottle, dusty, rusty, damaged and weathered – see preview pictures
  • No copyright issues – signage and brand fictional

PBR Textures

2048x2048px in Tiff format for the SpecGloss workflows

Standard SpecGloss

  • Diffuse
  • Glossiness
  • Normal
  • Specular
  • Height

Cryengine PBR SpecGloss

  • _diff Diffuse
  • _ddna NormalWithSmoothness (Gloss in the alpha channel of the normal map texture)
  • _spec Specular

Usage Ideas

The model Suits different game environments and levels or 3D scenes, i.e. abandoned, post apocalyptic, warehouse, industrial, workshop, soviet, etc. In general this gas bottle game prop can be used to dress pretty much any level or different game genres, FPS, post-apo etc. Wherever flammable gas or fuel cylinder or explosives may be needed.

Other Info

Previews rendered in Blender EEVEE renderer using Specular SDF shader.

Additional information

Game Engine

File formats


Tools used

Blender 3D, Substance Painter

Game Engine Compatibility

Cryengine 3D Models


3D Generalist – Indie Game Dev.

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File format: fbx, zip, zip, zip, zip, zip, zip, zip,

  • Gas Cylinder FBX Interchange 3D Game Asset  -  64.11 KB
  • CE Tex Red v8  -  22.71 MB
  • CE Tex Green v1  -  14.83 MB
  • CE Tex Blue Very Rust v7  -  28.75 MB
  • CE Tex Yellow Dirty v5  -  19.05 MB
  • CE Tex Yellow Rust v6  -  24.97 MB
  • CE Tex Green Used v11  -  23.34 MB
  • CE Tex Blue v9  -  16.81 MB