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A low poly pc keyboard, uv mapped, textured.

Low Poly Computer Keyboard Asset

This is a low poly computer keyboard 3D model for games, VR, AR. Model is baked from high poly to low poly. This game prop is suitable for games and 3D scenes, office environment, military, home office or any other occasions where computer equipment is required. Modelled to real life sizing.

The model is UV mapped and textured. It includes  5 different texture sets for more variations in the level, office environment.

3D PC keyboard model color variations:

  • white / grey /beige – retro looking although low profile
  • military green
  • dark blue / navy
  • standard black keyboard (suitable as office / security or guard office prop)
  • pink because it’s cool

Game Ready

Included files for PBR Specular Glossiness workflow and PBR Cryengine (_diff, _ddna, _spec, with Gloss in the normal map alpha channel). Added emission textures in case you need it. 2 options: ‘rainbow’ lit keyboard and pc keyboard with white lights. See last picture. Included files: FBX and .blend.

UV mapped: yes, non-overlapping

Topology: low polygon game asset, 34 faces / 68 tris

1 mesh, 1 material, 5 texture sets

3D PC Keyboard previews rendered in Blender EEVEE.

Additional information

File formats


Game Engine

Tools used

Blender 3D, Substance Painter

Game Engine Compatibility

Cryengine 3D Models


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