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A small game prop pocket knife (swiss army knife) 3d model for games, VR, AR projects.

Pocket Knife 3D Model

This is an vintage folding pocket knife 3d model game ready low polygon. A complete game asset optimised for live rendering, with textures for both  Specular and Metallic  PBR workflows. This 3d folding knife is available in FBX format ready to be imported to game engines such as Cryengine, Unity, Unreal Engine 5, Unigine, Godot etc and 3D modelling software.

Downloads include both meshes and separated textures sets, in 2 different colour variations. It’s a low poly model however different level of details are included. Set up ready for Cryengine (nesting). Can be opened in any 3D software that supports FBX import. Textures baked from high poly to low poly use single UV map.

  • Download includes: 2 FBX, 5 texture packs (MetRough, SpecGloss, SpecGloss, Unity HDRP,  Cryengine SpecGloss, Unreal Engine)
  • UV maps: Yes, non overlapping
  • Polycount:  LOD0 – 776 polys / 1,496 tris; LOD3 –  133 faces  / 244 tris;
  • FBX: 2 (open and close version)
  • No of Materials: 1
  • Model type: game ready, low poly (wireframe preview images shows the swiss army LOD0 model)
  • Physically Based Rendering: Yes

Texture Maps

Textures in 1k resolution in TIFF format.

PBR Spec Gloss packed for Cryengine

  • _diff (Albedo)
  • _spec (Specular)
  • _ddna (NormalWithGlossiness)

Standard Specular Glossiness workflow textures

  • _Diffuse
  • _Specular
  • _Glossiness
  • _Normal

Metallic Roughness PBR textures

  • Base Color
  • Roughness
  • Metallic
  • Normal Map


A Penknife Looks

This simple swiss army knife 3D asset comes in 2 colour variations: red and neon green. The object shows some signs of usage, including slight scratches and misperfections to make it more realistic and believable. Has one blade and corkscrew (bottle opener) function only. I kept it low poly as this is simple background prop.

Previews as usually made in Blender using EEVEE and SpecGloss BSDF shader. Have any questions? Let me know via comments section, via Quick Form on my store page https://3dbabylon.com/creator/vracolac/ ( available after login – screenshot)

contact creator quick form 3dbabylon com

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Game Engine

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Tools used

Blender 3D, Substance Painter

Game Engine Compatibility

Cryengine 3D ModelsUnity 3D ModelsUnreal Engine 4 3D Models


3D Generalist – Indie Game Dev.

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File format: fbx, fbx, zip, zip, zip,

  • Swiss Army Pocket Knife FBX Model  -  111.14 KB
  • Pocket Knife Corkscrew FBX  -  57.86 KB
  • Cryengine PBR Textures  -  79.65 MB
  • Metallic Roughness Pocket Knife Textures  -  7.71 MB
  • Specular Glossiness Swiss Army Knife Model Textures  -  11.48 MB