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A low poly clay cauldron 3d model game ready asset. Complete with PBR textures.

Ancient Clay Pot 3D Model

Presenting the low poly ancient clay pot 3D model (cauldron) for games, 3D scenes and project. Highly realistic and believable 3D game ready asset. It is unwrapped and textured. Comes with different PBR texture sets for different workflows: Specular Glossiness, Metallic Roughness (Unreal Engine, Unity 3D) and Cryengine Spec Gloss. Download contains ZIP texture archives and FBX interchange format for easy import to 3D software or game engine of your choice.

PBR Textures

Specular Glossiness texture maps contain following maps in 2k resolution in TIFF format

  • _Diffuse
  • _Specular
  • _Glossiness
  • _Normal

Cryengine workflow textures in 2k, TIFF format

  • _diff (Albedo)
  • _spec
  • _ddna (Normal with Glossiness)

Metallic Roughness archive includes:

  • _color (Base color tex)
  • _normal
  • _roughness
  • _metallic (black in this case due to non-metalic)

Other Info

Previews of the Ancient Clay Pot Model were rendered in Blender 3D using EEVEE renderer and Specular BSDF shader.  This medieval clay pot (cauldron) 3D model would work perfectly with ancient or medieval 3D projects and scenes, video games set in old times, etc. Note that that the images were web-optimized so the quality of renders may be lower than original.


Additional information

File formats


Game Engine

, , ,

Tools used

Blender 3D, Substance Painter

Game Engine Compatibility

Cryengine 3D ModelsUnreal Engine 4 3D Models


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File format: fbx, zip, zip, zip,

  • Clay Cauldron FBX  -  96.89 KB
  • Cryengine Clay Cauldron Textures  -  17.42 MB
  • Metallic Roughness Clay Pot Texture Maps  -  31.58 MB
  • Specular Glossiness Textures  -  17.90 MB